It’s been a while and.. yeah I don’t have an excuse.

I’m an awful blogger. Like most people, I’m always doing something with work, the girlfriend, family, her family, and it keeps going but I often forget the blog. It’s been busy! The last few months have been time to reflect where life is going and what’s next for the business. Well.. I can’t tell you yet 😆

I’ve been slammed with commercial shoots, weddings, client events and I will make an individual post for each one. Every Tuesday and Thursday with an occasional post on the weekends, you’ll get to take the journey with me. 

Stay tuned and check out this test shoot with this awesome Fred Water flask.


I used a gelled light to balance the aluminum against the blue background. Projector with a video of the ocean playing behind the flask (water heh) and that’s it. Super simple speedlight setup and bam.