Have you heard of Moment Lens?

I'm always staying ahead of tech and the photography world to better serve my incredible clientele. A few years ago I backed a campaign by a company called Moment. They were raising funds to create a lens for mobile devices that was on par with those hanging off the front of big dollar cameras. Obviously I found this to be an instant "yes" and snagged the wide angle lens.

It was the best purchase ever for my mobile photography and behind the scenes. I still have my wide angle, and ended up grabbing a zoom lens along with all of the extras. These go everywhere with me and I'm always getting questions about them. So let's take a look at these bad boys!


Here is the 18mm wide angle lens attached to a iPhone 7. Tell me that doesn't look cool!?


And here's the zoom lens. These attach to a metal base which is attached to your device using a thin 3M adhesive... it takes a second to line the lens up with the base but it's sturdy!


Moment created a few more fundraising campaigns for cases, and new lenses. This is a company I will gladly stand behind when it comes to creativity, ingenuity, and quality. The lenses are heavy and use real glass so there is zero aberration. 

Now to my next point... I'm giving away a Moment Wide lens! Next week I will post the details for the giveaway so stay tuned.

For now head over to Moment and take a look around.