It all started when...

I got my first car and began photographing my friends cars (all men love their car.. I think) and then graduation happened. From automotive photography, the next wave in my circle was the wedding season. Photographing people and creating memories is something I truly love to do. With a brand slowly growing, I began focusing on other photography markets - commercial, headshots, and fine portraiture.

Commercial photography quickly became the focus of my brand and my image. I love the creativity that goes into capturing something as simple as a water bottle. The challenges that come along with commercial photography are what keep me thriving. Working with creative directors, brands, and business owners is always an absolute blast - so let's work together.

There is a lot to know about me outside of just work. I love tequila, bourbon, and cigars. While many think I studied photography, I actually went to school for marketing (love it so much I have a small consulting agency) and dabbled in finance (eh). Fashion plays a large role in my life but I am often in a t-shirt, jeans, and some low-top sneaker. I have an incredible girlfriend, two birds, a rather large family, and an obnoxious love for my car Marilyn. That is it for now.

- Kyle